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Lucy Lazar, Construction Engineer

Lucy Lazar, Construction Engineer

Pen Pal Bio:

Lucy Lazar, or Lulu for short, is a construction engineer.  She will write to your child with progress updates on a major building project (a kid's museum!).  She will also write about the cool equipment she uses on the job and share some of her best stories, like the time She helped rebuild a library after a storm blew the roof off! Towards the end of the subscription, Lulu will facilitate goodbyes by sharing that she is headed to Egypt to pursue her lifelong dream - - to see the great Pyramid.

Subscription details:

  • Personalized letters from Lulu will arrive every 7-10 days (varies with US Postal Service delivery times). 
  • Your child receives 12 letters in total, each with a self-addressed, stamped return letter to write back. 
  • The subscription lasts approximately 3 months. 
  • Prepaid subscription is $65.85 ($21.95 x 3 months).
  • Subscriptions cannot be extended past 3 months with the same character. (But you can sign up for a new pen pal character!)
  • Content for Lulu and JJ (both construction engineers) is nearly identical, so she is not recommended if your child has already corresponded with JJ in the past.