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Chef Andi Salter - COMING October 2019!

Chef Andi Salter - COMING October 2019!

Pen Pal Bio:

Coming October 2019!

Subscription details:

  • Personalized letters from Chef Andi will arrive every 7-10 days (varies with US Postal Service delivery times). 
  • Your child receives 12 letters in total, each with a self-addressed, stamped return letter to write back. 
  • The subscription lasts approximately 3 months. 
  • Prepaid subscription is $65.85 ($21.95 x 3 months).
  • Subscriptions cannot be extended past 3 months with the same character. (But you can sign up for a new pen pal character!)
  • Content for Chef Andi and Chef Primo (both chefs) is nearly identical, so she is not recommended if your child has already corresponded with Chef Primo in the past.