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About Us


Hi everyone!

We thought you might want to know a bit more about who is behind the Dear Izzy personalized letter concept.

Meet Nicole & Annie –  two educators turned entrepreneurs.

We also happen to be moms of early readers.  If you haven’t read how this product came to be, hop over here to read the “Dear Izzy Story” on our blog.  We both felt deeply for Rosie, because we shared similar struggles.  The pressure to have our kids reading on grade level, fulfilling the daily requirement for reading time at home, and practice writing were too much!  It didn’t feel right, and it sure wasn’t fun.  The more parents we spoke to, the more we came to believe that this was a very common shared experience.  Other parents described how they would try incentive systems, bribery even, and described many nights as “pulling teeth” just to get their kid to practice reading.  So, with the idea that a personalized letters helped radically change this dynamic for Sophia, we set out to see if this could help many more families.

Incidentally, we met while teaching entrepreneurship to disadvantaged high school students at a national nonprofit organization.  For years, we helped teens create small businesses that solved problems for others.  Now it's our turn!  For our own kids, and for our friends, and for families everywhere – we want to solve the problem that exists when children don’t immediately love to read.  Dear Izzy is designed to stop the challenging dynamic in its tracks, and introduce a new joyful, magical reading experience when it matters most!

Other things you might want to know are that – yes – we tried these letters out on our own early readers.  We worked on the content for almost two years, learning and improving with each new early reader. We did this all while working, parenting, salsa dancing (Nicole) and meditating (Annie).  We would love to hear from you, and learn more about what the Dear Izzy experience means to your family.

Your partners in raising readers,
Nicole & Annie