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The Dear Izzy Story (or, how it all began...)

The Dear Izzy Story

Meet Sophia, age 6, our first pen pal.  Sophia did not like to read, and she was falling behind grade level.  Her parents had tried everything - incentives, online apps, graphic novels, magazines... nothing was helping.  In fact, it was getting more stressful.

A friend to Sophia's mom, I wanted to help.  I became her pen pal, using an invented persona that would speak directly to Sophia's peak interests - animals and princesses!  That was Dr. Isobel Fun, or Dr. Izzy for short.

What happened next...

Sophia loved getting her first letter.  Not too long after, Sophia was asking when her next letter would arrive.  Her mom was overjoyed that her daughter wanted to read! After a handful of letters back and forth, it became clear that we were on to something.  Sophia's relationship with reading was transforming into something far more positive.

We decided to go for it.

More and more parents we encountered were also sharing their frustrations - reading is stressful, their kids are 'reluctant', they are struggling to reduce screen time, and more.  Through the urging of many parents in our circle, we decided to bring the Dear Izzy experience to a broader audience.

We are so glad you've found us!