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3 Things To Tell Your Kid About Dear Izzy

Something we get asked a lot by parents is...should I tell my kid that a letter is coming? And how do I explain what it is?!?!  The answer is.. yes (tell them) and keep it simple (how to explain it).

Here are 3 short scripts to help you explain Dear Izzy to your child before your first letter arrives.


1. “I signed you up for a pen pal service.” 

Explain that a pen pal is someone who will write and send them letters in the mail and that they can write back!  This is also a perfect teachable moment - make sure your child knows that communicating with someone they don’t know is only okay when you know about it and approve of it.

2. “Your pen pal is a _____________.”  (Insert the profession of the pen pal you chose.) 

Revealing the profession of your child’s pen pal will build anticipation and wonder in your child.  If you want to read more about why we use fictional pen pals (or whether or how to talk about this with your child) you can find our blog post on it here.

3. “You will write back and forth with your pen pal for a few months, not forever.”

This will help set expectations for your child that their new pen pal friend won’t be writing to them indefinitely.  We also reinforce this in the letters. For your information, there is not (yet) an option to extend the subscription for any given character.  

We'd love to hear how it goes / went for you - drop us a line at to share your experience, or to ask any questions!