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Pen pal letters for early readers.

Every child is a reader at heart.   Dear Izzy pen pal letters are just the hook you're looking for to usher your child into a positive and joyful reading experience.

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Dear Izzy Pen Pals are...

 characters created especially to engage early readers ages 5-8.

Each pen pal letter is personalized for your child and delivered by snail mail.

Meet the Dear Izzy Characters

Why Dear Izzy Works

Each letter delivers a "Dear Izzy Moment" where the child  stops reading, eyes light up and they begin asking questions, laughing or thinking out loud. 

These emotional reactions build a strong internal connection between reading and joy.

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Your 3-month subscription ($21.95 per month) Includes...

10 Pen Pal Letters

Each letter is personalized to your child's interests to keep them engaged.

10 Response Templates

Response templates make it easy for your child to write back.  We even include the self addressed, stamped envelopes. 

3 Months of Magic

Magical letters are sent to your mailbox every 7-10 days over the course of about 3 months.

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Choose the character that most resonates with your child.  

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Take 5 minutes to help us personalize your child's letters.

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Witness the joy as your child receives pen pal letters by snail mail.

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"Dear Izzy" moments

My 7-year-old was ecstatic to receive the pen pal letter in the mail.  I felt like I was #winning as a parent!"

Annie, mom of 7-year-old

I didn't have to ask twice for my daughter to read the letter.  She dropped everything to tear open the envelope.  I felt like I was witnessing a new side of my daughter that I had not seen before.

Navarre, dad of 7-year-old

I was just so happy that he was this excited about something that wasn't his tablet!

Susan, mom of 6-year-old

His eyes were totally lit up because the letter was about everything he loves.

Molly, mom of 7-year old

I read the first letter to him.  By the third letter he wanted to read the whole thing by himself!

José, father of 6-year old